Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Freedom as a bird

I recently have a strong feelings about birdies... I like their flying power, their freedom, nesting, and everything else about their lives. I also have a board on pinteret about them named Freedom as a bird. There I found some inspirations about the birds crafty nests such as these:

And when I saw this chips container, I started to dream about my own bird house:
 So I tried to make it lovely at least for myself:

 And at last another Before-After post that I like very much
I also think about another plan for this one:
What do you think? What can I do for this one?


  1. Your birdhouse is very cute! :) did you use it for birds ?

    1. Thank U so much:) I'm gonna do so...maybe I have to take some pictures with birdies too;)

  2. Hi, good to see you were inspired thanks for the mention xx

  3. It's great you saw potential in something like a chip container...this was fun!