Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Carpe diem

Yesterday was such a lovely day. My friends surprised me with some lovely gifts and celebrated getting rid of my foot plaster. I am so happy and let's share my happiness with my dear blog friends.
First I wanna show this schedule mug. You can write on this mug with a plain pencil or a water-based pen and then erase it for reuse. It's so practical and I can not wait to go back to my office and show off this to my coworkers...lol;)

 It also has a pen holder:
You may find complete information about this mug here. The other presents, as shown in images below, are as sweet as the first one and I like them so much; my little pot and a souvenir from India: Mango tea. This tea tastes Fantastic.

When I saw this souvenir I was thinking about dear Preeti, one of my blog friends who lives in India, and her sweet comments that lead me to continue this blog. She also has a beautiful blog named Creat - E - witty Unleashed. Thank you so so much Preeti!
By the way, Tehran is rainy these days and this cheers me up. I love rainy days.
The photo above shows one of the best ice cream shops in Tehran named Alibaba that we went  there last night to celebrate my freedom of that plaster:)

What about you? Do you like rain? What the weather looks like in your city these days?


  1. Lovely gifts! I especially love the Twinings tea, that is a classic and you can plant cacti in them when you're done drinking
    I also like the rain!

  2. Thank you so much for remembering me Arezoo! So kind of you !:)
    When I first reached your blog through iCrochet and found your post about giving up your crafty pleasures just because no one is commenting, I felt disappointed too. I know, it is easy to say such things to not bother about blog hits and comments but I feel no one else in the world should control your drive for crafty things. Once we get into statistics, we loose the fun of making :)
    Keep blogging!:)

  3. Lovely gifts! Thanks for linking up to The Best of 2012 Link Party! I am following you via GFC & Pinterest! Diana