Saturday, December 22, 2012

Instagram pouch

I did something lovely! You know! One of my favorite apps is Instagram and at last I did it! I made a zipper pouch for coins or other little stuffs with the shape of Instagram logo. I know this is not a new idea but I like it so much and I'm happy of what I did:

I also have a board named "Instagramlovers" with pins of great works others have done. What about you? do you like instagram? Do you use it everyday? Tell me about it and feel free to comment your Instagram address so I can follow you there.

Toddler Crochet Shoes

 It was all by accident. I started to make a little basket with that darker green yarn. Everything went well until mom said: "Are you going to make a toddler shoes? Good idea! I really like them!" and I suddenly changed my mind. So I left the basket idea and continued hers . I'm so happy they seem paired,  because I didn't use have any pattern. Fortunately they look nice and I love them. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yalda, Last night of Autumn

We have a special tradition here, in Iran, that we celebrate the last night of autumn called Yalda. This night is the longest night in a year. So the families gather and celebrate it to forget darkness.
We have some sweet traditions as well. We have special candies, sweet and salty Nuts. Two special fruits of this night are watermelons and pomegranates. It an honer to show you a nook of Yalda in my house so you can enjoy this night as well.

 sweet and salty Nuts
 My lovely elephants
 My favorite mirror set
 Do you have any idea who Hafeez was? He is one of Persians' great poets .At Yalda night we read his poems and enjoy them. So his book is necessary to be seen there.

I hope you all enjoy these lovely nights and days of autumn and winter. Good luck!

P.S: Have you visited this page by any chance: humansofnewyork 
Hony is in Iran until December 22nd. Wish you enjoy his lovely photos of Iranian people.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas stocking

 Let's talk about the signs of Christmas. I made this one and I love it. My fiance is fond of orange color and me too! I'm trying to make a crochet version of this as well. I'll show it to you maybe on Friday :)
By the way, today I've decided to have a link party so I would be able to know some other creative bloggers. It's so simple; leave the name of your blog and it's address. I can't wait to see both my old blog friends and new ones links here.Feel free to spread this link party in your blogs by crabbing the link party's button located in right column of my blog.

Little Miss Sunshine's Dress

My 5 years old cousin, named Mastaaneh, is invited to a birthday party. So I started a new dress for her. As a sign of autumn, we have rainy days here in Tehran and I thought the sunshine color might be good to make her happy and warm. of course she has to wear a shirt and a pantyhose as well. And don't forget your rain coat dear Mastaaneh!
This is the back view of the dress. It's still difficult for me to sew zips neatly. I need to try more and more ...
I was eager to take a photo when she is wearing this but my aunt was in hurry and I didn't want to interrupt her. Maybe I would be able to take some photos on Friday that I will meet them again.
There she is! My lovely little miss sunshine in her new dress:

I also made this pouch named rainbow after rain. She really likes it and wants to have it in the birthday party. Thinking of her show off in party makes me laugh :))))

I like rainy days but I can't wait for the snowy ones. I like autumn and winter so much but sunny days in winter, days that snow covers everything and you can make a snowman, are my favorites.

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Turning a topcoat to a girl's dress

I bought this red topcoat before these three months of sitting home because of my foot plaster.

I really liked it but one day  I made a bad mistake and burnt one of sleeves during ironing. I couldn't bear the burnt piece and I didn't know want to wear it anymore. Since the fabric was really good I decided to make a girl's dress out of it and here you are:
I like the apples ribbon and the flower lining fabric as well. I may give it to one of family girls as a birthday gift. It fits to 5 to 7 years old girls.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Girl's Pink Slippers

I was wondering if I can make slippers or not. They didn't take much time. They consist of two kinds of yarns.
 And the bow:

  I gave them to a little four years old girl named Golta. Unfortunately the photos of her modeling the slippers were not as well as I expected. So I made one photo from all of them:
The inspiration of this slippers came from this shoe: