Sunday, June 30, 2013

polka dots (orange)

 Do you remember these fabrics?

I bought them not only for their lovely and bright colors, but for their strong inspiration to create s/th lovely and beautiful. First of all I thought about a zipper pouch. I've never done this before and therefor I had some issues with the quilt. And there it is:

Then I came to girl's dress. I tried my best for the result. You may judge if is it beautiful or not?


  1. Definitely, it looks beautiful!! Lovely sewing:)
    You would have put the dress image first, I was going to skip thinking that it is about same stash I read in last post. On any blog reader or dashboard, it will display the first image you put on your post.

    1. Thank you for your nice comment and Thanks for mentioning the first image's problem.
      You are such an angel dear Preeti :)

  2. Beautiful dress - such a wonderful colour!
    Fab pouch too!
    Ali x

  3. you really are good!
    I wouldn't have dared try to make the beautiful dress