Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yalda, Last night of Autumn

We have a special tradition here, in Iran, that we celebrate the last night of autumn called Yalda. This night is the longest night in a year. So the families gather and celebrate it to forget darkness.
We have some sweet traditions as well. We have special candies, sweet and salty Nuts. Two special fruits of this night are watermelons and pomegranates. It an honer to show you a nook of Yalda in my house so you can enjoy this night as well.

 sweet and salty Nuts
 My lovely elephants
 My favorite mirror set
 Do you have any idea who Hafeez was? He is one of Persians' great poets .At Yalda night we read his poems and enjoy them. So his book is necessary to be seen there.

I hope you all enjoy these lovely nights and days of autumn and winter. Good luck!

P.S: Have you visited this page by any chance: humansofnewyork 
Hony is in Iran until December 22nd. Wish you enjoy his lovely photos of Iranian people.

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