Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A little organization

These days I’m a little tired of my full time job at company and I don’t follow my sewing projects. Or maybe it’s because of the temperature. It’s too hot here and I can’t bear it. 
So yesterday I decided to clean up my craft room and found a big basket of fabrics my brother brought last months.

Since I didn’t have enough time for organizing them those days, I started yesterday. And voila! This is what it turned down.

It was such a fun sorting them by colors. I wrote about the projects on each fabric so I can remember it's purpose and also numbered them not to forget the projects; even if I had no Idea!

It took some times but it was quite fun. It also gave me the opportunity to post my first before and after. Now I’m full of energy to start my sewing projects. Happy sewing:)

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